4 Things To Look Out For Before Installing A Spin Ceiling Fan

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Spin ceiling fans are considered to be the best ceiling fans by many interior decorators and experts since they use the latest technology. Ceiling fans are often switched on throughout the day, thus the fan’s vibration can make the installation lose. Even if you buy an expensive spin ceiling fan, if it is not installed properly, then the fan may not cool properly or even make a noise. Hence, families who have purchased a Spin ceiling fan must make sure that it is properly installed so that no issues will occur in the future. Here are the things to look out for before installing a ceiling fan from Spin.


Check If Your Home Needs A False Ceiling Fan Installation


Many homes in Singapore have a false ceiling to conceal the wiring. If the homeowner is planning to have a Spin ceiling fan installation on the false ceiling, he must make sure that it is installed properly. This is so that the installation will not be affected by the fan vibrations. The weight-bearing capacity of the false ceiling is less, and it might not be able to endure the weight of the Spin Fan. Hence, the manufacturer has recommended certain techniques for the proper installation of the different Spin ceiling fan series. Bolts are fixed first on the real ceiling, and iron rods and wooden support boards are connected to the real ceiling. A mounting bracket is then secured on the wooden board. A few tiles in the false ceiling may have to be removed for installing the spin fan. Afterward, the body of the spin fan is connected to the mounting bracket using the right expansion screws. For large fans, it is recommended to use several brackets for installation.  


Determine Whether Your Ceiling Requires An Extension Rod

One fact you might not know yet about ceiling fans is that the bottom of the ceiling fan should be 8-9 feet from the floor after it is installed. So that the air circulation in the room is enough to cool the room. In some rooms, the ceiling height from the floor is more than 3 meters. In this case, if the ceiling fan is installed directly on the ceiling, the air will not circulate properly. Therefore, if you are planning to do a DIY ceiling fan installation, it is advisable to use an extension rod to lower the height ceiling fan after it is installed. However, in other instances where the ceiling height is less than 8 feet, it is ideal to install a flush mount or a hugger ceiling fan with a 4 to 6 inch down rod. Usually, 6-inch down rod are used extensively for fans. While 4-inch down rod are available as well on request, with additional cost sometimes. These shorter down rods are used in rooms where the ceiling height is less.  


See If Your Distribution Box Is Easily Accessible


During the ceiling fan installation, some wiring connections have to be made to the fan. An important point to note before installing a ceiling fan is that the power supply must be switched off while conducting electrical wiring. Once the electrical wiring work is done, ensure to check if the fan is working properly. If the fan is not functioning properly, switch off the power supply again to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Hence, the distribution box controlling the power supply in the rooms where the fans are being installed should be easy to access. 


Ensure Your Chosen Electrician Is Skilled And Has The Right Equipment


Compared to other electrical installations, ceiling fans are difficult to install. Hence, it is important to engage a professional for ceiling fan installation. A professional is well trained, experienced, and skilled in the installation of spin ceiling fans. Additionally, they have the right equipment, supplies, and tools to safely install the fan.


Contact Ceiling Fan City For A Spin Ceiling Fan Installation

It is ideal for property owners in Singapore to contact Ceiling Fan City for fan installation. Our licensed electricians will ensure that your Spin ceiling fan is safely and quickly installed. Moreover, we have installed a large number of Spin fans for our customers since we are well equipped with the right installation tools. We guarantee that your Spin ceiling fan will properly function for a long time. 



There are things to look out for before installing a Spin ceiling fan in your homes, such as the placement of the ceiling fan, accessible distribution box, and the electrician you are going to hire. Once you have installed the Spin ceiling fan, make sure to check if it is properly working. Otherwise, you will have to re-check the distribution box or the installation itself. In case the ceiling fan does not work even if you troubleshoot it, it is ideal to hire a professional from Ceiling Fan City Singapore. Our experts are well trained and qualified to install and fix your ceiling fan in no time. 


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