Importance of Engaging a Professional For Ceiling Fan Installation in Singapore

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Many families in Singapore prefer to install one or more ceiling fans for cooling especially in rooms that are not used often. This is because both the cost of an aircon and electricity consumption are high. After choosing a suitable ceiling fan product in Singapore, some families may want to install it themselves to save money. However, it is not advisable for family members with no experience or training to install a ceiling fan for multiple reasons, especially for safety.

Some of the reasons why families in Singapore should hire a professional to install a ceiling fan are discussed below in detail. This will help the ceiling fan buyer to make the right decision. 


Safety Is The Priority 


Safety is always a priority while doing the ceiling fan installation work. This is one of the main reasons why you should hire a professional. If there is any mistake or accident during the ceiling fan installation, other appliances, furniture, walls, or the floor may get damaged. In addition, the person installing or a family member may get injured, resulting in medical expenses. 

A fact you might not know about ceiling fans is that when the electric supply is not switched off or there is a wiring problem, electric shock can occur which may result in injuries or could even be fatal. Most people who do not have experience working at a height for ceiling fan installation may also fall off the ladder and get injured. In some cases, the fan or some components may be dropped accidentally which can damage the fan. 


Save More Time

Most homeowners and their family members do not have any experience in installing or even replacing a ceiling fan. They will have to spend time reading the manual, arranging tools, and supplying for the installation. Since they have no training and installation skills, they will also take a longer time to complete the installation which may not be done properly. 

In contrast, professional fan installers are well-trained and have already installed several ceiling fans for many customers. They also have the right tools for installing the ceiling fan. Hence, they can complete the installation quickly which saves time for family members. 


Proper Installation 


Any type of ceiling fan is heavy and if not properly installed, can produce much noise. It may also not cool properly and could even fall off the ceiling, causing damage and injuries. Thus, it is necessary to use the right hardware and tools for installing a ceiling fan and follow the ceiling fan installation guide from the manufacturer. 

Professional installers have well-trained staff with the right tools, installation supplies, and testing equipment. This ensures that the fan is installed properly. The installation result is then checked to make sure it complies with the guidelines from the manufacturer. 


Peace of Mind

Though a homeowner may save money doing the installation inside the house, it can lead to stress even if the fan is working properly after the installation. If the homeowner is not trained, they may always worry that the fan will fall on them or to other persons in the room. In order to avoid mental stress therefore, a thing to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan and installing one is engaging a professional ceiling fan service provider beforehand. 


Saves Money 

If the wall fan or ceiling fan is not properly installed, it may require more repairs. The wiring may also get damaged during the ceiling fan installation if the installer does not have experience. Additionally, the homeowner will have to purchase expensive tools for the ceiling fan installation that might rarely be used later. 

On the other hand, professionals already have the tools for installation since they have been installing ceiling fans and corner fans in a large number of homes. They will also charge less and cause you no worry about the cost of purchasing new tools. 


Warranty is Provided


Most professionals are confident in the quality of their ceiling fan installation. Despite this, they still offer a warranty on the installation work they do. Whenever there is any problem that arises during the warranty period, they can resolve it at no additional cost. As a result, the homeowner can get to enjoy the benefits of installing a ceiling fan at home

Professionals also offer a warranty on the materials they use and the ceiling fan they are supplying. Before choosing a professional therefore, it is advisable to check the warranty they offer if any. 


Engage Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Services From Ceiling Fan City Singapore

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Most families in Singapore prefer to install a ceiling fan at home since the cost of an aircon and electricity consumption is high. They often think that they can make more money by doing a ceiling fan installation by themselves. However, it is still more advisable to engage a professional to install their ceiling fan.

Professionals can give the homeowner peace of mind as they can conduct a proper and safe ceiling fan installation. Since they have the experience and acquire the right tools and equipment, the homeowner can save more time and money. They also provide a warranty for their services. 

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