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  • High-Quality Fans – Kaze as a brand gives effort in producing eco-friendly and innovative products. They offer timeless ceiling fan designs with also a touch of contemporary artistry. With this, they ensure that they provide ceiling fans that can help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Features – Kaze offers innovative features that gives their customers sustainable solutions to healthy air circulation. They offer ceiling fans with  Aerofoils™ which uses aerodynamically contoured blades maximising wind delivery.
  • Trusted and Experienced Installers – Our installers at Ceiling Fan City are well-equipped with the necessary skills needed to professionally install and replace your Kaze ceiling fans. Offering high-quality workmanship, we ensure you the best service both from our ceiling fan supplier and installers.

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Kaze is a brand that has the ideals of creating unique and innovative ceiling fans. Kaze also stands by their ideals by giving their customers eco-friendly products. Using lightweight materials and low carbon footprint.

Kaze wants their brand to give a sustainable solution to healthy air circulation. This is why they pride themselves in creating ceiling fans that offer Aerofoils™which uses aerodynamically contoured blades maximising wind delivery. Kaze is committed to producing timeless ceiling fan designs but with a contemporary touch.

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Kaze Kino 5 Blade 48″/54″ DC 


Kaze Zino 3 Blade 42″/48″ DC

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