8 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Ceiling Fan

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There are many options to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan. To assist you with this, we have covered some of the most common considerations to make when making your purchase. These considerations include its energy-saving nature, size and mounting options, room size, warranty, blade size, motor type, how to install and lastly where to buy your ceiling fan.


1. Its Energy-Saving Nature


Installing a ceiling fan is one common way in which you can cool your home. A ceiling fan is mostly used as an energy-saving alternative to air-conditioning systems. However, it can be quite difficult to choose the right type of ceiling fan to install for your home. In order to find the right one for yourself, you must first consider its energy efficiency. Generally, a ceiling fan should consume between 15 to 95 watts, depending on its size and speed. Once you have selected a fan of your choice, it is recommended to engage professional ceiling fan services to ensure that your ceiling fan is installed properly for your safety.


2. Its Size And Mounting Options

Before you get your ceiling fan installed, you also have to consider the amount of ceiling space it will take up in your house. This is important as your ceiling should be able to accommodate the support bars that are necessary for proper mounting, without the fan toppling over. Ceiling fan size is also a crucial factor in deciding on the ceiling fan model that you want. There are ceiling fans, such as the Alpha ceiling fan that tend to be larger and will look too big for a small room. As such, it is best to find a ceiling fan of an appropriate size for your room before purchasing.


3. Room Size


One of the main benefits of installing a ceiling fan at home lies in its versatility. Ceiling fans are suitable for both small and large areas. However, a smaller ceiling fan may be less effective for a bigger room. As such, you should consider the room size before purchasing one. It is recommended to follow a ceiling fan buying guide to aid in your buying decision.


4. Warranty

A warranty is another critical consideration when buying a ceiling fan. With a warranty, you will be able to replace your ceiling fan should there be any defects upon receiving your purchase. Some ceiling fans come with 6 years of warranty, while others only have up to 3 years of warranty. It is best to read the terms and conditions of the manufacturer so that you will have an idea if a particular ceiling fan brand offers a good warranty. It is also important to engage a professional for your ceiling fan installation so that it will be installed properly, as compared to doing it by yourself as it might cause some problems if done incorrectly.


5. Ceiling Fan Blade Size


Ceiling fan blades are usually made up of wood, metal, or plastic. They generally have different weights and sizes, inclusive of blade size. As such, you have to consider the blade size when purchasing a ceiling fan. The blade size determines how much air it can move around the room. In general, the larger the blade size such as the Fanco Heli 66” DC Motor Ceiling Fan, the more air will be moved around your room, thus creating better indoor circulation.


6. The Motor

Motor size also determines the amount of air that will be moved around your room. There are three basic types of motor such as – direct drive, belt drive, and universal motor. These three motors determine how fast or slow your fan will move.

Direct drive ceiling fans have some considerable weight and work effectively in large rooms. Universal motor fans are good for small rooms while belt-driven fans do not require any maintenance, but they do not function as fast as direct drive fans. However, one of the facts you might not know about ceiling fans, be it one with a direct drive motor or universal motor is that they are generally easier to maintain as compared to purchasing a table or wall fan.


7. Installation

Installing a ceiling fan is a reasonably easy process as once you have determined the size of the fan, you can find installation instructions online. You will first need to locate and cut out the appropriate holes. You then have to route the wires from your outlet and connect them to your fan. It is advisable to read more about DIY ceiling fan installation, in case you want to try installing a ceiling fan by yourself.


8. Where To Buy

Where you buy your ceiling fan is also an important consideration. It is best to buy them from a company that offers affordable prices and an ample selection from various brands such as Spin Ceiling Fan, Crestar Ceiling Fan, KDK Ceiling Fan, and more. This way, you will not only be assured of getting a quality product, but also spend a reasonable amount on your purchase. It is recommended that you purchase your ceiling fan from a professional company that also does the ceiling fan installation. This way, you get to enjoy convenience without having to source for another company to help with the installation.



Some of the most important things to consider before buying a ceiling fan include its energy-saving nature, size and mounting options, room size, warranty, blade size, motor type, how to install, and lastly where to buy from. Following these tips will greatly help you in choosing the right ceiling fan for your home.

At the same time, it is also important to get your ceiling fan installed by a professional if you are unsure of how to install it by yourself. A professional will help ensure that your ceiling fan is installed properly so that it functions well and most importantly ensure your safety. A reliable company that you can opt for is Ceiling Fan City Singapore. Not only do they offer reputable ceiling fan brands to choose from, but they also have a reliable team of electricians to install your ceiling fan to the highest standards.


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