DIY Ceiling Fan Installation

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In every home in a humid country like Singapore, it is essential to install a ceiling fan because of its wide blades it helps to circulate the air and makes the room feel cooler. 

Since a manual with clear instructions is always included, many homeowners conduct a DIY ceiling fan, corner fan, or even wall fan installations at home. However, when a slight mistake happens, it can cause much more expenses and the ceiling fan might develop unnecessary problems.

This is why it is advisable to engage with an expert in ceiling fan installation/replacement. Reliable ceiling fan installers are knowledgeable of the step-by-step procedure for this project. They effectively and efficiently do their installations to prevent future unwanted accidents.


Step By Step Guide For DIY Ceiling Fan Installation

  • Installing a ceiling fan in an area takes only a day and the installation done by an electrical expert is affordable.
  • If the ceiling where the ceiling fan is going to be installed is a slope, it needs to be measured carefully, as well as the height of the ceiling from the floor. These are all important and need proper attention to correctly get the right required measurements. Determining the length of the down rod and the diameter of the fan blades is one of the things to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan



  • One of the importance of engaging a professional for your ceiling fan installation is for your family’s safety. If you are to install the ceiling fan yourself, make sure to switch off the main power supply to avoid unwanted accidents. Also, make sure to clear up the space around the installation area. The outlet box should be marked to give support to the hanging ceiling fan. It is also important to carefully read the instructions and warnings in the manual from the ceiling fan manufacturer.



  • Having all the necessary tools needed for this installation is important to complete the task. It includes a cordless drill, an adjustable wrench, wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, tape, safety glasses, and a ladder.
  • In choosing a place where to do a ceiling fan installation, you must take note that it should be 10 inches below the ceiling and at least 7 feet above the floor. It should also be far from the walls, doors, or anything that can cause collisions from its spinning blade. 
  • If you are going for a ceiling fan replacement, open the electrical box with a screwdriver, but first, make sure that the power supply is off prior to doing this. Clean the area, and make sure it is free from dirt before installing the newly purchased ceiling fan so you can enjoy all the benefits of installing a ceiling fan at home.
  • Get the ceiling fan’s mounting bracket and install it on the outlet box with screws. The ceiling fan’s electrical wiring should be installed on the mounting bracket where the fan’s motor should be attached. If you are not sure of what to do, you can refer to the ceiling fan installation guide or call a licensed electrician.



  • The down rod of the ceiling bracket should be attached to the motor of the ceiling fan by using wire nuts to connect the wirings. Note that regardless of the ceiling fan brand, the same colored wires from both the fan body and the receiver should be connected to complete the circuit of electrical wiring. 
  • Screw the canopy of the fan body to the mounting bracket of your ceiling fan. Then attach the fan blades to the fan motor by inserting the grommets into the holes of the blades while fasting them to the motor’s body.


Different Ceiling Fan Types Available In The Singapore Market 

In Singapore, there are different types of ceiling fans to install for your home that are available at a reasonable price. Modern fans not only have stylish looks but also have the latest technology for their cooling effects. 

These ceiling fans also have different colors that homeowners can choose from based on their home’s interior color schemes. There are also ceiling fans with a built-in LED light included like the Alpha Vannus Luna 5B LED 40″. Homeowners should do their research to know and choose the right ceiling fan for their home. 



Installing a ceiling fan by yourself can be harder than you can imagine. Especially without the training and experience, just following the step-by-step procedure in the manual sure can be a lot for you to handle. From taking the measurements, dealing with the electrical wirings, and needing a lot of tools, it is best to let a ceiling fan expert handle it like Ceiling Fan City Singapore. Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable in installing any brands of ceiling fans available in the market and they know all the facts that you might not know yet about ceiling fans.


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.