Points to Note Before Installing a Ceiling Fan

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If you are living in a tropical country like Singapore, it is uncomfortable to do daily activities, especially without any appliances to help you cool off, like a ceiling fan. In that case, you can either install a ceiling fan or an air conditioner. However, everyone knows how expensive purchasing an air conditioner can be, including the energy consumption that takes a great effect on the high electric bills.

You could always refer to the ceiling fan buying guide to help you choose from the wide variety that is available in the local market. Compared to aircon installations, a ceiling fan installation is way cheaper and less likely to give high energy consumption. 

For your ceiling fan installation, it is best to engage with a trusted and reliable ceiling fan installation company and also know the points to note before the installation.


Ceiling Fan Installation


When it comes to any electrical work, like how to install a ceiling fan, we think that it is enough to do it ourselves. For safety purposes, during the ceiling fan installation, you should hire a professional ceiling fan installer with experience in being an electrician because they know every needed detail for this project.

If ever you do know the way around this installation, you may try to install it yourself with a guide on ceiling fan installation. In order to pull this off on your own, you should be confident enough and have at least some level of expertise. Through this, you can save much more money but if you are not confident to do this by yourself it is best to hire someone to do this for you to avoid any damage that can cost you more.


Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

]If you are after a reliable ceiling fan installer with reasonable pricing, contact Ceiling Fan City Singapore. The cost of the ceiling fan installation varies on the type of ceiling fan to install for your home and the place where it will be installed. You can ask for quotations first from an electrical service company.


Consider Having A Ceiling Fan Repair

For old ceiling fans that are only accumulating dust at home, it is best to have them repaired or reinstalled.  You can contact a professional to have your faulty or damaged ceiling fan fixed and function properly again to save more money, rather than having a ceiling fan replacement


Researching For The Best Ceiling Fan for Your Home


One thing to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan is to do research first. Especially because now there are so many ceiling fans to choose from in the market. There are different ceiling fan brands, features, and functions. Research is done to find the perfect ceiling fan that fits your needs. If you want, you can choose ceiling fans with built-in light fixtures. 

During your research, you should also consider the size to get based on where you wanted it to be installed. By having a ceiling fan installation, you will be improving the overall aesthetics of your home, plus, it can also make your place look a lot less space-consuming.


Outdoor Ceiling Fan


For homes with a garden or patio, one main benefit of installing a ceiling fan outdoors, especially for countries like Singapore with a hot climate, is that it can make sitting and relaxing outdoors much more comfortable. Since opting for a ceiling fan installation costs cheaper than air conditioners, you can have as many ceiling fans as you want. 



There are a number of things to consider before having a ceiling fan installation. You can have it installed yourself but looking for a knowledgeable and reliable electrician like Ceiling Fan City Singapore for your ceiling fan installation service needs is still much preferred because one of the importance of engaging a professional for ceiling fan installation is to avoid unnecessary damages and ensure the safety of the homeowners. 

Ceiling fans have different types, researching for the facts you might not know yet about ceiling fans is vital before purchasing because it can also affect the cost of installation. If ever you have an old ceiling fan, you can also have it repaired to spare you from buying a new one.


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