5 Features To Have In A Wall Mounted Fan In Singapore

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Most families in Singapore wish to purchase one or more wall fans for their house, since it is inexpensive, easier to install and suitable for areas with a low ceiling. Nowadays, there are a lot of wall fan options available in the market. Therefore, it is advisable to compare the features before choosing a specific wall fan to install. Some of the features which a wall fan should have will be discussed below, so that you can choose the right fan for your home.


Adjustable Head

The top section of the fan consists of fan blades enclosed in a metallic cage and is called the head. One of the pros of installing a wall fan for your home is its adjustable head that allows for control over airflow direction. The base of the fan is connected to the top cage with fan blades, using a connector or pedestal. The orientation of this connector can be easily changed as required so that the airflow is in a specific direction. This feature of adjusting the fan angle is convenient if people are sitting only in one part of the room, and cooling is required only for this section of the room.




A majority of wall fans are designed with a head that automatically turns so that the direction of airflow will change. This ensures that all areas of the room are cooled for at least some time. This is convenient if there are more people in different parts of the room. In some cases, the fan is used for drying some areas and clothes, as the oscillation ensures uniform cooling. However, this oscillation feature can be switched off if you want focused air circulation. One of the reasons why a wall fan is popular in Singapore is certainly due to its oscillation feature.




Some of the more expensive models of fans have inbuilt timers for switching the fan on and off as required. This feature is useful while the user is sleeping at night and does not want to wake up to switch off the fan. Typically, the temperature falls at night, and sometimes it becomes cooler especially early in the morning. In these cases, the timer can be used to switch off the fan completely or reduce its speed. Apart from fan timer, one other thing that you should consider when installing a wall fan is to select a model that makes the least noise so that sleep is not disrupted.


Remote Control


In some places, especially in the kitchen, the wall fan may be mounted at a location which is not very easily accessible. In these cases, it is advisable to purchase a fan with remote control so that the fan can be switched off from a distance. The remote control is also very convenient for older people, and others who do not wish to get up from their chair to switch the fan on or off. Though wall fans or ceiling fans are commonly used to cool homes, when it comes to the kitchen a wall fan is a more appropriate choice due to a smaller space, as compared to other areas of the house.


Multiple Speeds

The cooling required depends on the ambient temperature, and if less cooling is required the speed of the wall mounted fan should be reduced. Hence, it is advisable to purchase a wall fan with variable speeds of at least three modes.



After knowing about the different features of a wall fan, you are now in a better position to decide on which type of wall fan to buy. Additionally, you may also be looking for professional and reliable fan installation services for your new wall fan. One recommended company that you can choose is Ceiling Fan City Singapore, as they have a team of experienced electricians who will install your fan properly with the right tools.


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