7 Reasons Why A Wall Fan Is Popular In Singapore

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Due to Singapore’s warm weather conditions and high humidity levels, most homes require cooling equipment to keep people comfortable. A wall fan is one of the most affordable cooling appliances available in Singapore. Therefore, many homeowners are interested in installing one or more Singapore wall fans in their homes. There are many benefits of installing a wall fan which are discussed below, which explains why a wall fan is preferred to other cooling appliances like an air conditioner or air cooler.


Provides Enough Cool Air 

One of the main reasons for the popularity of wall mounted fans in Singapore is that if a suitable wall mounted fan is chosen, it will provide sufficient cooling to the room. Like other fans, wall fans are available in different sizes and cooling capacities. Therefore, one thing to consider when installing a wall fan in Singapore is to calculate the required airflow and buy the right fan based on the size of the room. 


Good Source of Ventilation 


In many homes, the kitchen fills with smoke while cooking, and the toilet stinks. The smoke and foul odors will remain confined to the area, if there is no ventilation. One of the great thing you need to know about wall fans is that they help circulate the air in the area for better ventilation. The air containing the foul odors and the smoke in the area  will be expelled from the home and replaced by fresh air. So wall fans are very effective in the ventilation of rooms.


High Energy Efficiency 

If you compare wall fans and ceiling fans, the energy consumption of a wall fan is significantly lower, especially when compared to the air conditioner’s energy consumption. During peak summer weather, the temperatures are very high and an air-conditioner is required for cooling. At other times, the cooling provided by the wall fan is sufficient to keep the room temperature low. Air conditioners use a complex cooling mechanism and therefore consume a lot of energy, while fans only require energy from the motor. 


Does Not Require Much Space 

The space required to install a fan depends to a large extent on the length of the fan blades. Compared to fan blades of ceiling fans, the fan blades of the wall fan are shorter, so the size of the wall fan is usually far smaller than a ceiling fan. As a result, wall fans can be easily installed in rooms with low ceilings, balconies/balconies, and hallways with less space. This is one of the many benefits of choosing a wall mounted fan for your home, especially if you have lower ceilings or limited floor space. 


Requires Little Maintenance


One tip in selecting the best wall mounted fan for your home or any kind of fan in the market, is to look for one that requires as little maintenance as possible. Because in order to function properly, any equipment should be properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Compared to air conditioners and installed ceiling fans, wall fans are much easier to maintain because they are smaller and easier to use. As with all fans, only regular cleaning is required to remove dust and debris. For the wall fan, the fan’s cage has to be removed, and the blades should be wiped clean. While it is often difficult to access the ceiling fan mounted on the ceiling, the wall fan is usually fixed at a lower height, so it is easier to access the fan for cleaning. 


Easier Installation 


Fans are designed so that they can be held on a stand, on a table, or fixed to a lower wall. If you can hang any item on the wall, you can easily install a wall fan by reading the DIY guides to wall fan installations. Wall fans usually have a cable with a power plug to attach it to the nearest electrical outlet for power, no additional wiring is required. This makes wall fan installation far simpler than ceiling fan installation, where an electrician is required to do the wiring for installation. 


It Has A Unique Oscillation Feature

Most wall fans have an oscillating head, when the fan is switched on, the fan head will gradually oscillate from one direction to another, which is a good feature to have in a wall mounted fan in Singapore. As a result of this feature, air circulation and cooling are improved in every part of the room due to the vibration characteristics. While it is possible to turn off the oscillation feature of some wall fans, most homes prefer to use this feature to cool the room evenly. 


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Fans in general give a number of reasons why it is beneficial to install in your home,  but the one distinct reason why wall fans are popular in Singapore is its ability to circulate the rooms air without consuming any floor space and does not require high ceilings. There are a number of benefits in installing a ceiling fan at home but its installation is much more complex compared to a wall fan. If you know how to hang up any item against the wall by drilling, you can most probably do this installation by yourself. However, for instances where homeowners do not have a drill to do this project, and buying this expensive equipment for a one time use will not probably be worth it. It is best to contact a professional like Ceiling Fan City to install corner fans, wall mounted fans and ceiling fans for you. Our staff has all the necessary experience and tools to install your wall fan effectively and efficiently.


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