6 Things To Consider When Installing A Wall Fan In Singapore

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A large number of families in Singapore are installing a wall fan in one or more rooms of their house. This is because this type of fan is fairly affordable and requires less maintenance. There are a large variety of wall fans available in the market, so many fan buyers are interested to learn about the important factors which should be considered when purchasing one.

When homeowners install a wall fan, only to realize later that the fan’s cooling capacity is insufficient, they may then have to buy another one. This will lead to a waste of their time and money. Hence, it is advisable to do proper research before purchasing a wall mounted fan. Some important things to consider include room size, purpose, design, build quality, noise, and brand reputation.

Room Size


One of the main considerations when purchasing a wall fan is the room size or area in which the fan will be installed. If the room is small, the property owner should select a suitable fan to be fitted in the available space without causing any kind of obstruction. Additionally, the fan should also provide enough cooling for the entire room. Typically, the cooling capacity of a fan depends on the airflow, which is determined by the number and length of the fan blades, as well as fan speed.



Another factor that should be considered when choosing to install a wall fan is its purpose. While most people associate a fan with cooling, wall fans are often installed for ventilation. One of the benefits of installing a wall fan for your home is also for its focused circulation. In some rooms like the kitchen or toilet, ventilation is required to get rid of smoke or unpleasant odors. Usually, these fans are smaller in size, have a lower capacity, and are used for a shorter span of time. In contrast, wall fans used for cooling have longer blades and are used continuously for long time periods.




One of the tips for selecting the best wall mounted fan for your home is to look out for design. Wall fans are available in different colors, finishes, materials, and styles like retro, vintage, or modern design. Depending on the budget of the buyer, he/she should purchase a wall fan that matches the room decor or the place where the fan will be installed. Ideally, the color and style of the fan should match the room decor. Usually, most reputable wall fan brand manufacturers include a range of different fan models to match the budget and design requirements of their customers.


Build Quality

One of the reasons why a wall fan is popular in Singapore is because it is easy to install. However, it is also important to choose a wall fan of good quality. Since wall fans are used continuously for many hours and are rotating at high speeds, it is advisable to check the quality of the wall fan. If the fan disintegrates or even some parts come off, it can damage furniture and appliances, or even cause injuries. Hence, it is better to purchase a high-quality wall fan with a warranty of at least one year.

Similar to ceiling fans, wall fans usually come with plastic or metal blades. Though metal blades are stronger and more durable, they may get rusted. On the other hand, plastic fan blades are lighter and do not get rusted, yet they may break or get damaged quickly.



Depending on the design of the wall fan, the noise generated will vary. Some wall fans especially those with metal fan blades are often noisy. This may cause inconvenience to other family members who may be sleeping, studying, or doing other work which requires more concentration. It is often difficult to hear what others are saying if the wall fan installed is very noisy. Hence, it is advisable to install one that will make less noise. After selecting the right wall fan and if you want to try installing it by yourself, it is useful to follow a DIY guide to wall fan installation and maintenance.


Brand Reputation


Other than the factors mentioned above, it is advisable to check the brand reputation of the wall fan before choosing one. Companies that are investing money in branding usually will offer better customer support, since they do not want negative reviews to adversely affect their brand image. Reputed brands also have a better service network, so it is easier to get spare parts and find technicians for repair. Hence, brand reputation is one of the things that you need to know about wall fans before you make your selection.

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The performance of a fan also depends on its installation. If it is not installed correctly, it may not function well and have issues later on. Not only this, most people tend to think that it is only important to engage a professional to install a ceiling fan for safety reasons but can attempt a wall fan installation by themselves.

However, if a wall fan bracket is not installed properly, the fan can also fall off and cause injury. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professional wall fan services. A reliable company like Ceiling Fan City Singapore will be able to get the task done well. With a team of well-trained electricians equipped with the latest tools and equipment, they will install any wall fan model of your choice safely and properly.



Homeowners who are interested in installing a wall fan should take into consideration factors such as room size, purpose, design, build quality, noise, and brand reputation. By following these pointers, they will be able to choose the right wall fan for their home. However, it is also important to entrust your wall fan installation to a professional to ensure that it functions well and is installed safely.


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