Wall Fans vs Ceiling Fans

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Since air conditioners are relatively expensive and require regular maintenance, many families in Singapore tend to look for affordable alternatives to keeping their homes cool. One of the most inexpensive options for cooling a room is installing a wall fan. Since there are many wall fan options in the market, it is important to compare the features before choosing one. However, due to its design, the wall fan might be less efficient as compared to a ceiling fan. Furthermore, a ceiling fan is able to provide more uniform cooling for your rooms, as compared to a wall fan. To help you decide on whether to install a ceiling fan or wall fan, various factors such as their main features, differences, and benefits are discussed below.


Wall Fan


 A wall fan is usually smaller in size and is designed to be fixed on the wall. The blades of a wall fan are enclosed in a metallic cage, to prevent injuries from happening to people who may accidentally touch it. One thing you need to know about wall fans is that it comes with controls that allow the user to adjust oscillation, the direction of airflow, and speed.

Due to its compact size, one of the pros of installing a wall fan in your household is that it can be used in smaller rooms. It is also used in rooms with a low ceiling or where the ceiling is used for decorative or other purposes. If you want to cool only a specific area of a room, a wall fan is a good choice. Since this fan is compact, it is supplied fully assembled and can be easily installed.


Ceiling Fan


 A ceiling fan usually consists of a rotor and fan blades, though some fans may also incorporate lighting. Since the blades are large in size, they are usually supplied separately. A ceiling fan is usually more effective in cooling a room since it has a larger airflow – evaporating water and sweat to cool people in the room. It will also cool the room uniformly in all directions. This fan usually has a switch on the switchboard, and a regulator to adjust the fan speed. Some of Singapore’s top ceiling fan brands include Alpha, Crestar, Kaze, and Spin, amongst many others. If you live in a larger home space, consider installing an Alpha ceiling fan as they are known for their high-quality ceiling fans.

Most homes use a ceiling fan since the motor rating is higher and the cooling is also more efficient. Compared to an air-conditioner, a ceiling fan is far more affordable, consumes far less electricity, and does not require much maintenance, though the cooling is often similar. However, one important thing to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan is your room size, as a larger room may require a ceiling fan with a bigger blade for better cooling. It is recommended that you learn more about the different types of ceiling fans to install for your home if you are keen to buy one.


Key Differences Between Wall Fan And Ceiling Fan


 Before deciding on whether to install a ceiling fan or wall fan, it is useful to take note of their key differences:

  1. A ceiling fan will provide uniform cooling in all directions while a wall fan oscillates, cooling only in one direction at a time.
  2. If the room has a low ceiling or painting/artwork on the ceiling, it is not possible to install a ceiling fan. On the other hand, a wall fan can be installed as it will not damage the artwork on the ceiling. Additionally, installing a wall fan is recommended if your room has a low ceiling.
  3. Installing a wall fan is often simple as compared to a ceiling fan installation. Therefore, it is important to engage a professional to install a ceiling fan.  A professional company will be able to ensure that your ceiling fan is installed properly, to provide you with personal safety and peace of mind.



Most families seek affordable cooling options for their homes, as air conditioning is relatively expensive. As such, they may choose to install a ceiling fan or wall fan to meet their home cooling needs. However, factors such as room size, ceiling height, and whether they are looking for more uniform cooling or cooling in a specific direction, should be taken into consideration. After deciding on the type of fan you would like to install in your house, it will be recommended to engage professional services to install your fan. This is because they will ensure that your fan is installed properly and safely. If you are looking for a reliable wall or ceiling fan installation professional, Ceiling Fan City Singapore is recommended. With well-trained electricians, you can be assured that your fan will be installed with care.


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