4 Things You Need To Know About Wall Fans

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It is common for homes in tropical climates like Singapore to use wall fans or air conditioning systems as a means of cooling the space for their occupants. Sometimes when it gets too hot inside your home, you turn on your air conditioner to cool your rooms. However, if you do not have an air conditioner or if your air conditioner has malfunctioned, it can get really uncomfortable on hot days. This is why it is useful to install a wall fan.

Before you decide on whether to engage professional wall fan installation services, it is recommended that you learn more about some of the most important things to know about these fans. Some of these things are discussed below to help you in choosing the right fan for your cooling needs.


1. Wall Fan And Its Functions

The most important thing to know about wall fans is that they are usually electric fans that are mounted on the wall. Due to this feature, one of the pros of installing a wall fan in your household is your ability to save floor space, as compared to ceiling fans. Wall fans are usually mounted on a wall using electrical wires, which draw power from a nearby plug or outlet.

Good air ventilation and cooler indoor air are reasons why a wall fan is popular in Singapore. During the hotter seasons, a wall fan helps push hot air out of your house and circulate cooler air around for you. In addition, some models come with humidifiers, which can add moisture to dry air in your home and living room.

Some wall fans also come with air filters. These filters help improve the quality of air in your house by filtering out harmful particles from it. This leads to improved health for you and your family members. It is useful for those who are allergic to pollutants, smoke, and dust, amongst other possible allergens.


2. Types Of Wall Fan


The type of wall fan you buy depends on your intended use and your budget. Some wall fans come with a remote control, which makes it easy for you to change the speed at which it blows air around. A remote control is useful if the fan is placed in a room where you spend a lot of time. There is also an oscillating wall fan that has a switch on it that you can turn off and on to change the speed at which the fan is blowing air.

Some others come with a timer, which is useful if the fan is placed in a room where people tend to be away for extended periods of time. The fan’s timer can be automatically set to shut the fan off once there is nobody in the room. This ensures that occupants continue to enjoy fresh air for the duration that they are in the room. Additionally, electricity is also not wasted if someone forgets to turn off the fan. A timer is certainly one of the features to have in a wall fan.


3. Brand And Benefits of The Wall Fan

If you are planning to buy a wall fan, it is important to choose a reliable brand. Selecting a good brand is critical as you want to ensure the lifespan of the fan is longer and that it works better than other fans.

Wall fans are designed in such a way that they can be mounted on a wall in your home. One of the benefits of choosing a wall fan is the ability to save on floor space, as compared to a stand fan. When compared to a ceiling fan, installing a wall fan is the right option especially for homes with false ceilings that are too low to install a ceiling fan. In addition, wall fans are useful during hot months since they help push hot air out of your house and provide focused air circulation around you.


4. Things You Should Know Before Installing A Wall Fan

There are some basic things you should know before installing a wall fan in your home. Below are some of the most important things that you need to know:

Purpose Of The Wall Fan

Before you buy a wall fan, it is important to be clear about what you need it to do for you. Wall fans can be installed in rooms where people spend a lot of time in a particular spot where they need focused air circulation. However, if you intend to have more uniform air circulation throughout the room, a ceiling fan is a better choice. It is recommended that you read more about wall fans versus ceiling fans before you decide.

Size Of The Wall Fan


One important thing to consider when installing a wall fan is your room size. It is essential to determine the proper measurements of your wall before purchasing a wall fan. The fan should be of a suitable size for the available space and not too large for your room. This will help you save space that you could use for other purposes.

Material Of The Wall Fan


The material the wall fan is made of can affect how long it lasts and how much it costs you to use on a daily basis. The most common materials for fans are plastic, wood, and metal. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages so you need to decide which one is best for your home.

Mounting The Wall Fan

Before you install the wall fan, you should find out where you are going to mount it and how you will do this. If your wall is not easily accessible, then consider using a holder so that it can be mounted in a place that is more convenient for use. In the instance where you are installing the fan over an electric outlet, then buy an extension cord to connect the fan with it. It is recommended to follow a DIY guide to wall fan installation and maintenance so that you can carry out the task smoothly.

Design Of The Wall Fan

One important tip for selecting the best wall mounted fan for your home is to look at design. The design of a wall fan varies, depending on the purpose you want it to serve. Some wall fans are designed to be placed in your home’s thermostat, and you can use this to set a certain temperature for the room.

Others come with a remote control so that they can be used at different areas of your home. This can be especially useful since you can change the speed while sitting on your sofa or lying on your bed. In addition, wall fans provide better ventilation than other types of fans. Wall fans are also quieter than most other types of fan. If you a looking for a wall fan with remote, a recommended model is the Mistral D’Fan 16” Corner Fan with Remote C516. This fan model is a popular choice as its design is versatile – can be used both as a wall fan and corner fan.

Repairs And Maintenance


Some fans are relatively inexpensive and self-maintaining. Still, others may require some repairs or maintenance during normal usage. In this case, you need to determine if it is more cost effective to repair or replace your wall fan.



While it is common for most homeowners in Singapore to install a wall fan as an alternative to aircon, some do not own one yet and may be looking for a suitable brand or model. It is useful for these homeowners to know more about what to look out for in a wall fan, before making their buying decision. Things to consider include factors such as – wall fan types, functions, design, brand and benefits, size, material, repairs and maintenance, purpose and how to mount the fan.

Apart from this, it is also important to get a professional electrician to install your ceiling fan. With appropriate tools and years of experience, a professional is able to install your wall fan properly, making sure that it functions well. Ceiling Fan City Singapore is one such company that you can opt for as they have a reliable team of electricians that you can trust to meet install your fans.


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