Why Purchase a Crestar Ceiling Fan For Your Home?

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Air conditioners are quite expensive and require proper maintenance. As a result, more and more households are opting to install ceiling fans in their homes because they are more affordable and, while cooling well, use much less power. Crestar fans are usually listed in most reviews or lists of the most popular ceiling fans in Singapore. Some of the reasons why property owners are preferring to install a  Crestar ceiling fan in their office or home are discussed in great detail below, to help buyers of ceiling fans make the right choice.


They Do Not Make Much Noise 

Some of the ceiling fan brands have loud fans, so it can sometimes be difficult to fall asleep at night and hear what other people are saying. To overcome this problem, the Crestar fan is designed so that it will make almost no noise when it is switched on. If you are wondering which one to choose, the Crestar ValueAir 5 Blades ceiling fan or the Crestar Ninja Air ceiling fan? That is a tough one because they are both popular Crestar fans that are very quiet when turned on.


They Have a Compact Design

Choose a fan based on the space available, as there should be free space around the fan for air circulation. In some small rooms, there is only a limited amount of space available, and the Crestar ValueAir 3B 40″ ceiling fan is designed for these smaller rooms. The space required by the fan depends on the size of the fan blades, and this fan model is much smaller than most other fans. 


They Are Versatile 

Another reason why Crestar ceiling fans like the Crestar Ninja Air 48″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan and 42-inch are so popular is that they are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. These fans are suitable for both cooling and heating by reversing the direction of airflow using the controls provided. The user can conveniently choose from six different speed settings using the remote control provided. The fans also have a provision for fixing the LED light. The color of the light emitted by the LEDs can be switched from warm white, cool white, and daylight. 


They Are Trendy and Stylish 


The Crestar DC ValueAir 5B 55″ Ceiling Fan is one of Crestar’s most stylish and trendy fans with the latest technology. One of the benefits of installing Crestar ceiling fans in Singapore is that they use energy inverter DC motors to reduce energy consumption and reduce electricity bills. This 55-inch ceiling fan has six wooden blades. Customers can choose from different colors like brown and black according to their personal preferences to match the room decor. Users can use the remote control to select any of the six-speed settings. LED lights can be mounted on fans to enhance the decor of the room.


They Provide Warranty


Crestar is confident in the quality of its fans and offers a warranty on the Crestar Ninja-Air Ceiling-Fan 3 Blades and its other models of ceiling fans.


Contact Ceiling Fan City For A Crestar Ceiling Fan Installation 

Once owners purchased one or more Crestar ceiling fans, it is important to engage a professional for their ceiling fan installation in Singapore,  like Ceiling Fan City. Our experienced and well-trained technicians have installed a large number of Crestar fans for our clients. They are well-equipped with the tools and experience so that they can complete the fan installation safely and properly – saving their customers’ time.



If you are planning to buy a ceiling fan, it is vital to know the things to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan like going for a well-known and trusted brand. Crestar is one of the popular ceiling fan brands in Singapore because they do not make much noise once turned on. The design of Crestar ceiling fans is very compact and stylish, perfect for those who are into ceiling fans that are easy to blend in with the whole interior design. What’s even great about Crestar is that they provide warranties for the ceiling fans homeowners bought. If you have decided to have one installed, it is advisable to contact a professional ceiling fan installer like Ceiling Fan City. Our staff are all fully equipped and experienced in installing your Crestar ceiling fan for you. 


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