5 Benefits Of Installing Crestar Ceiling Fans In Singapore

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Due to the tropical climate in Singapore, most people tend to sweat profusely especially during hot and humid days. While some people may choose to install air conditioners (aircon) in their home for cooling, some homeowners may choose to install a ceiling fan due to its affordable prices.

As there are many ceiling fan products available in Singapore, homeowners might not know which ceiling fan will be the right choice for them. One ceiling fan brand that they can consider is Crestar Ceiling Fan as there are many benefits to installing a Crestar Ceiling Fan which are listed below.


Provide Better Air Circulation And Ventilation

One of the main benefits of installing a Crestar ceiling fan is that you can enjoy better air circulation. The air that is blown by the fan at high speed helps evaporate sweat or water from the skin faster, creating a cooling effect. When the windows of a room are often closed, the air will become stale after some time due to gases produced in the kitchen and bathroom. When the ceiling fan is switched on, this stale air will be blown away from the room. A ceiling fan thus provides good ventilation by helping to get rid of odors and replacing fresh air in the room.

One of the things to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan is its blade size. Crestar’s Ninja Air ceiling fan with three fan blades that come in sizes of 42 inches and 47 inches – suitable for smaller rooms. This fan has six speed settings. The direction of the airflow can be adjusted clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on whether cooling or warming is required.

For larger rooms where lower fan speeds are preferred, it is advisable to use the Crestar 5-blade ceiling fan such as the Crestar Valueair 5B 48″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan. Since the length of the blades is longer, the fan speed is lower and will help prevent items from being blown away.


Energy Saving And Environment Friendly


Usually, the power consumption of a ceiling fan depends on the fan blade size and the number of fan blades. For example, the Crestar Valuair 5B 55″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan has 5 blades and motors of a higher rating. Additionally, they also have an Energy Inverter DC Motor which uses the latest technology to reduce the energy consumption of these larger fans. Thus, the power consumed is far lower than that of AC motors of the same rating.

Additionally, Crestar ceiling fans also provide you with the option to install a LED night light that will consume very low electricity, as compared to other types of light. This lower electricity consumption will help reduce the fossil fuels required and is environmentally friendly. As such, this is why you should opt for a ceiling fan with LED light.


Adds Elegance To The Space 


In addition to cooling a room, these well-designed Crestar ceiling fans are also decorative, improving the aesthetics of the room especially when the LED lights are switched on. The Crestar Valueair DC Motor ceiling fan with 5 blades is designed for larger rooms and is available in three different colours.

Buyers may choose white, black, or wood brown to match their room décor or furniture. Each fan has a very modern, trendy, and stylish design that easily integrates with most modern and minimalistic home interior themes. It is also recommended that you learn more about why you should purchase a Crestar ceiling fan for your home, apart from it being a trendy and stylish fixture.


Easy To Install


Some of the popular Crestar fan models such as the Crestar Valueair 3B 40″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan with 3 fan blades have blades made from ABS plastic. These fan blades are light in weight, so it is easier for family members to fix the blades on the fan and remove them if required for cleaning. One of the facts you might not know about ceiling fans is that it is easier to maintain them, as compared to a wall fan. It is also easier to install ceiling fans that are smaller in size and lighter in weight. Compared to wooden blades, plastic fan blades are less likely to break if any heavy object hits them by accident, especially when children are playing in the room.


More Versatile And Convenient

One of the main benefits of installing a ceiling fan at home lies in its versatility. Most Crestar ceiling fans like the Crestar Ninja Air 48″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan are extremely versatile since there are multiple options available. They can be used for cooling or warming the room by changing the direction of motor rotation clockwise or anticlockwise. Depending on the cooling required, there are six different settings for motor speed.


Contact Ceiling Fan City For A Crestar Ceiling Fan Installation

Once you have selected a Crestar ceiling fan of your choice, it is important to engage a professional to install your ceiling fan. A reliable company like Ceiling Fan City Singapore provides a one-stop supply and installation services for Crestar Ceiling Fan. Therefore, they will be able to help you find the right Crestar Ceiling Fan for your home. Additionally, they have a team of skilled electricians who are equipped with the right tools and skills to get the job done to the highest standards.



Some of the benefits of installing a Crestar ceiling fan include – better air circulation and ventilation, energy saving and environmentally friendly, adding elegance to your space, easy installation, and versatility and convenience. After learning about the benefits and if you are keen to install a Crestar ceiling fan, it is advisable to hire a professional who will be able to install your ceiling fan safely and properly as they are experienced and have the right tools to do so.


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