5 Important Tips When Choosing The Right Ceiling Fan With Lights

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Increasingly, property owners in Singapore are preferring to install a ceiling fan with light in the different rooms to save space and money. Like conventional ceiling fans and other appliances, it is important to choose the right ceiling fan after considering room size and other factors. Additionally, ceiling fans are also expensive, so time and money will be wasted in replacing the ceiling fan if the wrong one is selected.


Consider The Room’s Size


One of the most important things to consider before purchasing your ceiling fan with light for a particular room is the size of the room. The volume of air circulated in a room depends on the length of the fan blades and fan speed. Typically, fan blades of 43 inches such as the Spin Quincy 43″ DC Ceiling Fan are recommended for most rooms.

For larger rooms, ceiling fans with fan blades of 52 inches such as the Spin Savannah 52″ DC Ceiling Fan may be used. For very large rooms, multiple fans may be installed. The illumination produced by the light should also be adequate for the entire room, so the lumen output of the light should also be checked.


Suitable Material For The Ceiling Fan

In many homes, the ceiling fan is rarely switched off, so it is important to ensure that high quality material is used for manufacturing the ceiling fan. Most reputed fan manufacturers will specify the material used, and how they check the quality of the material.

Depending on the location where the ceiling fan is being installed, suitable fan blades should be selected. In the balcony or other areas, it is advisable to install fans with ABS fan blades, such as the Spin ceiling fan.  It is recommended that you learn more about the benefits of installing a Spin ceiling fan with ABS blades as one of them is that these blades do not rust.


Design Of The Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are available in different designs with plastic, metal, and wooden blades. The energy consumption will also vary – depending on whether it has an AC or DC motor. Fans with DC motors, such as the Crestar Valueair 3B 40″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan are recommended since their energy consumption is lower, and the price is also affordable for most homeowners. It is also advisable to choose a ceiling fan that will match the decor of the house.


Correct Size Of Ceiling Fan

Most fan manufacturers are selling three or four sizes of ceiling fans, and each size is defined in terms of the length of fan blades. While larger size fan blades such as the Fanco Galaxy 5 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan are recommended for bigger rooms, fan speed should also be considered.

One of the facts that you might not know about ceiling fans is that larger-size fans usually rotate at a lower speed. Hence, they are recommended for rooms where high-speed airflow is not required, especially rooms with more paper, or where some food ingredients are being mixed. This is so that the papers do not fly, or food ingredients do not get transferred to the table surface due to the high airspeed.


Choosing The Right Lighting For The Ceiling Fan

One of the main benefits of installing a ceiling fan at home, especially if you purchase one with lights is that it can be used as a light source. The light which will be fixed to the ceiling fan will usually replace another lighting in the room. Hence, it should have enough lumen output so that family members in the room have enough illumination to read, write, stitch, or perform other activities.

A reason why you should opt for a ceiling fan with LED light is that it is usually possible to customize the lighting fixture that is installed on the ceiling fan. The light from lighting fixtures can be classified into different colour spectrums such as warm white, cool white, and daylight based on the light that they produce.

Warm White


Warm white light has a slight yellow tinge and is usually between 2800K to 3000K. This light is produced by incandescent and halogen bulbs. LED fixtures can also have the light of this color. This is the preferred lighting for creating a cozy, warm ambiance and is often used in the bedroom.

Cool White

This light is white in color with a bluish tinge and corresponds to between 4000K to 4500K. There are comparatively few types of lighting fixtures producing this light color. This colour tinge can affect the appearance of items when photographed or viewed.

Day Light

This light color is the most common color for LED lighting corresponding to 6000-6500 K. While some elderly people may prefer this lighting, it is also used in study rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens where better visibility is important.

This light color is the most common color for LED lighting corresponding to between 6000K to 6500K. While some elderly people may prefer this lighting, it is also used in study rooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen where better visibility is important.


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Installing a ceiling fan with a light is a complicated task, so it is advisable to engage professional ceiling fan services. A professional will be able to install your ceiling fan to the highest standards to ensure your safety and this is one of the main reasons why it is important to engage a professional to install your ceiling fan. You can engage a reliable company such as Ceiling Fan City Singapore. With a team of well-trained electricians who have installed a variety of ceiling fans, they will install your ceiling fan with light properly so that it functions at its best without giving you problems in the future.



Some of the important tips when choosing the right ceiling fan with lights include – considering the room size, choosing a ceiling fan of suitable material, considering ceiling fan design and size, as well as choosing the right lighting. Keeping these tips in mind will help you select the right ceiling fan with light for your home.

However, it is also important to engage a professional company to install your ceiling fan as they will ensure that your fan is installed safely. Ceiling Fan City Singapore is a recommended company as they have an experienced team of electricians equipped with the right tools and skills to ensure that your ceiling fan with light is installed properly. Apart from this, they also carry a range of reputable ceiling fan brands for you to choose from.


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