6 Reasons To Install Alpha Ceiling Fan In Singapore

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Most homeowners are aware that the electricity consumption of air conditioners is very high. Hence, they are interested in more affordable alternatives for cooling the room. The cost of a ceiling fan is relatively lower than an air conditioner for the same cooling. One of the most popular ceiling fan brands in Singapore is the Alpha ceiling fan. Some of the reasons why families are opting to install ceiling fans in their home, such as the Alpha ceiling fan is discussed below so that the right fan can be selected.


Energy Saving

One of the facts you might not know about ceiling fans is that they consume less electricity. Almost all models of the Alpha ceiling fan with LED light consume much lesser electricity than ceiling fans of most other brands and other cooling devices like air conditioners. One such Alpha ceiling fan model that you may want to consider is the Alpha Vannus VC2 3B LED 52″.The energy saving ability of this fan is mainly due to the fan’s DC motor which consumes 75% less electricity than a conventional fan motor for the same cooling.

Additionally, the blades and body of Alpha ceiling fans are made from ABS plastic, so less power is required to rotate the fan. Thus, this results in lower power consumption. It is also recommended that you learn more about which Alpha Vannus series ceiling fan you should buy so that you are able to select an appropriate one for your home.


With Built-In LED Light


Another advantage of installing an Alpha ceiling fan is that it includes a LED light for illumination. Thus, the buyer does not have to purchase and install another LED light for illuminating the room, saving both time and money. The LED light is rated at 25 watts, and it is possible to change the color temperature of the light such as day light, warm white and cool white, depending on the preferences of the user. The Alpha Vannus Luna 5B LED 56″ ceiling fan is one fan model that gives you the options of three colour temperatures.

The color temperature can also be easily adjusted using the remote control which is provided. Using a fan with built-in light will also help to save space, especially in small rooms since lights are usually installed on the wall. Apart from saving money, there are other benefits of installing such a ceiling fan. Hence, it is useful to understand more on why you should opt for a ceiling fan with LED light.


Cools The Temperature Of The Room

Due to the petal shaped blades of the fan, for instance an Alpha Vannus Luna 5B LED 40″ ceiling fan, a large amount of air is circulated in the room. When the fan is switched on and rotates, hot air will rise to the top while cool air will flow to the bottom, cooling the room. Additionally, sweat from those present in the room will evaporate faster since air is being blown at high speed by the fan, cooling the body. If there is any other source of water in the room such as a bowl of water, the water from this bowl will also evaporate. This in turn lowers the temperature in the room.


Natural Wind Function


Like most ceiling fans, most models of Alpha fans have six speed settings. An example is the Alpha Vannus VC3 3B LED 52″ ceiling fan. However, if the fan speed is very high, papers and other light weight items may get blown away. Alpha fans from the Alpha Vannus VC2 and VC3 series come with 3 blades that provide the option of choosing the natural breeze function from the fan setting. This natural breeze setting will create airflow that is similar to a breeze for cooling, while also ensuring that papers and other items do not get blown away.


Control Functions

Having to get up repeatedly to switch off a fan or change its speed can be very inconvenient to ceiling fan users. However, Alpha ceiling fans usually come with a radio frequency remote control for adjusting the speed of the fan. The user can conveniently choose from any six fan speeds, depending on the cooling required. Higher speeds correspond to more cooling. The direction of fan rotation can also be changed from clockwise to anticlockwise, depending on whether cooling or warming is required.

Additionally, the lighting may be switched on or off, or the color temperature changed using the remote control. One of the reasons why you should buy a ceiling fan with lights certainly lies in the versatility of being able to control the lighting. One popular Alpha ceiling fan model that you may wish to consider is the five blade Alpha Vannus Luna 5B LED 46″ ceiling fan that comes with a remote to control various functions.


ABS Blades

Similar to Spin ceiling fans, many of the popular Alpha ceiling fans have ABS plastic blades which are light in weight. When the blades are light, lesser energy is required for fan rotation, so energy consumption is reduced. These blades are also waterproof, do not warp and require less maintenance. It is also easier to install and clean these fan blades because of their light weight. It is also recommended that you learn more about the benefits of installing a Spin ceiling fan with ABS blades as the benefits are similar for the Alpha ceiling fan.


Engage Alpha Ceiling Fan Installation Services From Ceiling Fan City Singapore

If you are keen to purchase a ceiling fan with lights, such as an Alpha Ceiling Fan and require professional ceiling fan services, a professional company like Ceiling Fan City Singapore will be able to handle the task well for you. They have an experienced team of electricians who will install your ceiling fan to the highest standards to ensure your safety and also make sure that it functions properly. Rest assured, you will not encounter any issues in the future arising from improper installation.



Some of the reasons to install an Alpha ceiling fan include – energy saving, built-in LED light, able to cool the temperature of the room, option of natural wind function, ability to control functions with a remote, and its ABS blades that are waterproof, do not warp and are easy to maintain.

Once you have chosen your preferred Alpha ceiling fan, it is also advisable to engage a professional to install it as a professional will ensure that your ceiling fan is installed to the highest standards. One recommended professional company is Ceiling Fan City Singapore. With an experienced team of electricians equipped with the right tools and skills, they will ensure that your Alpha ceiling fan is installed properly and safely.


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