7 Reasons To Buy Ceiling Fan With Lights In Singapore

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Homeowners usually select the electrical and lighting fixtures for their home based on the features required, space available, and budget. Though there are many designs and models of ceiling fans available for sale in Singapore, many are preferring to install a ceiling fan with light in each room.

Some of the benefits of purchasing a ceiling fan with light in Singapore are discussed in detail below. By taking note of them, you can make the right decision when choosing a ceiling fan with light from the many ceiling fan brands in Singapore:


Uniform Light Distribution

One of the main advantages of installing a ceiling fan with light is that there is uniform lighting of the room. The ceiling fan is usually installed in the center of the room provided there is nothing else installed on the ceiling. In addition, the light is generally attached to the center of the fan which will help to illuminate the entire area around it. 

When compared to a ceiling fan with light, a lighting fixture or lamp installed on the wall will make the area close to the light fixture to be better illuminated. However, areas far away may remain dark even when the light is switched on. Moreover, additional lighting may be required for other areas. This is just another reason why you should opt for a ceiling fan with LED light instead.




Almost all lights used in ceiling fans in the last few years have been LED lights. A fact you might not know about ceiling fans is that the energy consumption of those with LED lighting is very low compared to fans with other types of lights. Thus, if a homeowner installs a ceiling fan with LED lights instead of conventional lighting, their energy consumption will be reduced and they will pay lower bills.



When deciding on whether to buy a wall fan vs. a ceiling fan, families are opting for ceiling fans with lighting because they enhance the decor of the room by giving it a modern and unique look. 

With advances in technology, it is possible to purchase ceiling fans with lights that have fan blades in different colors and materials to match the decor of the room. The lighting can even be customized to change light color, pattern, and brightness. You can also adjust the light intensity to create special effects to make your room more attractive. 


Space Saving


In most homes, the lighting is installed on the wall and the area around the lighting fixture is usually kept empty for better illumination of the rest of the room. For small homes however, families often wish to utilize the space available properly. 

Installing a ceiling fan with lighting will free up some space on the wall. This space can then be used for the storage of items, appliances, or other items to make the home less cluttered. 



The lifespan of a ceiling fan light depends on the type of light used. Fortunately, most ceiling fans with light use LED lights meaning they can be used for at least ten years without any major problems. 

Normally, LED lights last at least 25,000 hours which is far longer than the lifespan of other lights like CFL or incandescent lights. These tend to last for only 3-4 years. 

In case you do not have enough technical expertise, it is best to hire a professional instead of doing a DIY ceiling fan installation yourself. This way, you can avoid damaging the light that comes with the fan.



One thing to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan is that a model with a light may cost slightly more than a conventional fan. That said, it is still affordably priced when compared to the cost of purchasing and installing a fan and light separately. 

Besides the price of the ceiling fan with light, the fan buyer should also consider the cost of installation. For a ceiling fan with light, there is usually no additional installation cost. As such, the overall cost is often affordable. 


Controlled Lighting


One reason to purchase a Crestar ceiling fan for your home is that the LED lights used can be controlled remotely with a controller. In addition to switching the LED lights on or off, a controller will help you adjust the brightness, color, and other features of the LED lighting. Not only that, but you can also control the lighting to create special effects for parties and other events or better illumination for reading. 


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In Singapore, there are a variety of ceiling fans you can install in your home. One point to note before installing a ceiling fan is that those with lights can provide uniform light distribution, allow you to control the lighting, and give more ceiling space. Moreover, a ceiling fan with light is durable, affordable, decorative, and ensures you have more energy savings.  

Once you have decided to install a ceiling fan with light, contact Ceiling Fan City Singapore. Our team of professionals can ensure a quick and efficient installation so you can have enough cool air with enough light.


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