Which Spin Ceiling Fan Series Should I Buy?

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Many homeowners in Singapore invest a lot of money into their homes and the interiors of their homes. Since the ceiling fan will be used extensively for cooling, they would like to purchase the best ceiling fan brand available. Although spin fans were established in 2008, most experts recommend homeowners have a Spin ceiling fan installation in their home because it is stylish and energy efficient. Like most fan brands, there are different models of Spin ceiling fans in different sizes that are available in Singapore. The features of the popular models are described below.


Spin Quincy Ceiling Fan Series

The white Spin Quincy 43″ DC ceiling fan is considered to be one of the most stylish and minimalist fans in Singapore. It is also available in 2 other different sizes of fan blades – 52 inches, and 60 inches. The airflow depends on the blade size and the speed of the fan. Usually, Fans with smaller blades generally have a higher maximum speed. The fan blades are made from ABS plastic. One reason why you should install a Spin ceiling fan in your home is that they are using a UDDC motor, which is far more efficient compared to AC motors used in most fans.


Spin Savannah Ceiling Fan Series

Spin Savannah 43″ DC Ceiling Fan has a brown walnut grain finish, but the fan blades are made of ABS for extra durability. Depending on the airflow that is required, the buyer can choose from the models like the 60 inch model for more airflow, 52 inches for medium airflow, and 43 inches for small rooms. One benefit of installing a Spin ceiling fan With ABS blades is that it is easier to maintain and more durable. Like other Spin fans, Quincy fans have efficient UDDC motors.


Spin Espada Ceiling Fan Series

Spin Espada 43″ DC Ceiling Fan is available in different variants with ABS or wooden blades. While the simple Spin Espada fan has a matte black body and ABS blades, there are also variants with wooden blades. The body of these fans in the Espada Timber series is matte black. For blades, however, buyers can choose between ash, oak, and off-white woods. The fan has all the other features of a Spin fan, such as three different blade sizes, a low noise, high-efficiency UDDC motor.


Which Spin Ceiling Fan Series Is For Me?

The fan motor and ceiling fan size are two of the things to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan and they are both similar for all Spin Quincy, Spin Savannah, and Spin Espada ceiling fans. They just differ in the material and color of the body and the blades. Therefore, the appropriate fan should be selected according to the decor and design theme of the room in which these fans are installed. It is also vital to know what type of ceiling fan to install at your home to use it more efficiently. The pearl white Quincy ceiling fan is suitable for rooms that are painted white or other light colors. Some people prefer the dark color of Savanah and Espada fans because dirt is less noticeable and may require less maintenance. This color makes it suitable for homes with a rustic theme or want a ceiling fan that matches the furniture. 


Contact Ceiling Fan City For A Spin Ceiling Fan Installation

Once you have decided what Spin ceiling fan to purchase, it is vital to know the importance of engaging a professional for ceiling fan installation in Singapore. Contact Ceiling Fan City for advice on choosing the right Spin ceiling fan for your home, and we can also help you install it. Our trained technicians have installed a large number of Spin fans and will install yours safely and quickly. 



Most experts recommend homeowners to have a Spin ceiling fan installation in their home because it is stylish and energy efficient, but which one should they choose? All Spin ceiling fan series have their benefits. From their different style, colors, and functions. They all have a UDDC motor to use the ceiling fan efficiently in terms of electricity. It all boils down to what material or color you prefer that fits your interior design. Whatever Spin ceiling fan series you decide to get, it is important to have a professional install it for you, like Ceiling Fan City. Our staff are all highly trained and equipped to install your ceiling fans efficiently and effectively.


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