4 Reasons Why You Should Install A Spin Ceiling Fan In Your Home

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Many homeowners are installing ceiling fans in their homes since they are cheaper than air conditioners. The energy consumption of a ceiling fan is lesser as well. While there are numerous ceiling fan brands, many fan buyers prefer to buy the best ceiling fan available. Most experts consider Spin ceiling fans as the best ceiling fan available in Singapore after examining various features of the ceiling fan. Some of the reasons why more families are preferring to install a Spin ceiling fan are discussed below. 


Built With Safety and Precision In Mind

Each high quality spin fan is designed for greater safety and precision. There are benefits of installing a Spin ceiling fan with ABS blades, since the fan is made of acrylic, they are light in weight and can be easily cleaned. The angle of each blade is calculated after extensive research to give the best air circulation. Each Spin fan is manufactured accurately with angled airfoils for better airflow. If you are going to conduct a DIY ceiling fan installation, it is best to follow the instructions provided for the utmost safety, especially if a false ceiling is being used. As the fan blades are light in weight, they are safe to handle.


Quiet and Highly Energy Efficient

If you are wondering which Spin ceiling fan series should you buy, well it really depends on what you prefer. Take note that most Spin Ceiling Fan models (e.g. Spin Savannah 43″ DC Ceiling Fan) are using a special type of DC motor known as the Ultra Dynamic direct current (UDDC) motor. In comparison, most of the other fans available in Singapore use alternating current also known as AC motors. The power consumption of the UDDC motors used by Spin ceiling fans is almost 70% lower than conventional AC motors. Hence, the power saving feature is extraordinary. Another benefit of using these motors is that the electromagnetic interference caused is far lower. Spin ceiling fans with DC motors make almost no noise compared to most AC fans which are very noisy. 


Sophisticated And Minimalist Design

Most interior designers in Singapore are choosing Spin ceiling fans because of their minimalist and elegant design. Most ceiling fans have metallic blades whose paint will peel off and become rusty. On the other hand, the Spin Quincy 43″ DC Ceiling Fan and other Spin ceiling fans are made of acrylic blades which are durable and do not require much maintenance. There are things to look out for before installing a Spin ceiling fan in your home, such as the color and type of fan blade. Spin’s ceiling fan blades are available in a wide variety of pastel colors to match the decor of the room, and wooden blades are also available for properties with rustic decor. Additionally, there is a provision for attaching a LED light to the Spin fan.


Provides A Natural Feel

One of the things to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan is to check if it could produce enough air circulation. Fortunately, Spin ceiling fans like the Spin Espada 43″ DC Ceiling Fan are designed to produce air circulation which is very similar to a natural breeze. Since some people do not prefer a strong airflow because it could cause their items to get blown away. Hence, the Spin fan has a natural breeze option while selecting the fan speed. Some of the spin fans have wooden fan blades or wooden looking ABS blades, which gives a natural look to the room. 


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Premium ceiling fans will only function properly if they are installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you hire Ceiling Fan City Singapore, you will save time and money – which is the importance of engaging a professional for ceiling fan installation. We are considered one of the most reputed ceiling fan installers in Singapore. Our well-equipped experienced technicians are trained in the installation of spin fans, hence they will install the ceiling fan safely and quickly. 



Spin ceiling fans are great to install since they are safely made, quiet and energy efficient, sophisticated and minimalist, and it provides a natural feel. This is the reason why Spin ceiling fans are widely chosen in Singapore. Just keep in mind the points to note before installing a ceiling fan, so that you can choose the right one for your home. If you need help in installing your Spin ceiling fan, feel free to contact Ceiling Fan City Singapore. Our professional team can install your ceiling fans efficiently while making sure of your safety as well. 


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