7 Tips For Selecting The Best Wall Mounted Fan For Your Home

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Homeowners in Singapore may wish to purchase one or more wall fan for cooling or ventilation in their home. Since there are a large variety of wall fans available in the market, choosing a particular wall fan model is often confusing, especially for those who have not installed a wall fan before. Hence, after extensive research, some tips which will help a homeowner purchase the right wall mounted fan for his/her home are listed below.


Select A Wall Fan With The Best Branding And Design


One of the things that you need to know about wall fans before you purchase one is its brand reputation. Before investing money in branding, companies will usually invest money in ensuring that they have a range of high quality, well-designed wall fans for sale. This will minimize customer complaints since negative reviews will adversely affect its brand reputation. Hence, when selecting wall fans, it is advisable to check for top wall fan brands.

One of the benefits of choosing a wall mounted fan for your home lies in its affordability. The most popular or top selling wall fan models may have the best design and pricing. It is also recommended to check the online reviews for the different models of wall fans. This is to find out which models have the most positive reviews.


Search For A High Speed Fan


The airflow and cooling capacity of a wall fan depends on the fan’s speed which is determined by the motor rating used in the fan. While it is possible to reduce the airflow from the fan by reducing its speed if required, the highest speed of the fan is fixed depending on its design. Hence, it is advisable to check for the highest speed of the fan and choose a high-speed model for better cooling capacity.

Once you have selected a wall fan model of your choice, it is recommended to get a professional to help you install it. Although most homeowners know the importance of engaging a professional to install a ceiling fan, they may prefer to install a wall fan by themselves but may not do it correctly. If the wall fan bracket is not installed properly, the fan may fall and cause injury. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professionals who are experienced and equipped with the right tools to install your wall fan properly and safely.


Choose The Right Blade Size

The airflow of a wall mounted fan depends on the size of its blades. Fans which have longer blades will circulate a larger volume of air. Usually, fans with blade length of 40cm are sufficient for cooling most rooms. Although one of the reasons why a wall fan is popular in Singapore is because it does not require much space, the fan buyer should still consider the wall space available.

This way, they will be able to choose a fan of an appropriate blade size before buying. Fans with longer blades are larger in size. If the wall fan is being installed in a small room or corridor, it is better to check on the space available to ensure that the fan can be fixed properly, leaving adequate space around it.


Go For A Noise Free Wall Fan

One of the things to consider when installing a wall fan is whether it is noise free. While most of the fans used a few decades ago tend to be a bit noisier, with advances in motor and fan design, fans which are less noisy are now available. Some of the fan sellers will specify the noise levels of wall fans. It is better to purchase a noise free fan, since it will be easier to hear others speaking clearly, and also listen to music, as well as watch TV and videos without disturbance. It will also be less disruptive for family members who want to sleep or study if the fan is noise free.


Check The Number Of Blades And Aerodynamics


The volume of air circulated by a wall fan depends to some extent on the number of blades in the fan. Wall fans have at least 3 blades, while some have 4, 5 or more blades. Fans with more blades will be heavier and may be more expensive. It is also important to ensure that the blades are aerodynamically designed so that energy is not wasted due to friction.

Apart from checking on the number of blades and the aerodynamics of a wall fan, it is recommended that you learn more about some other features to have in a wall mounted fan so that you can make the best choice when selecting one.


Examine The Build Quality


Wall fans are used for different purposes, so the material used in these fans will vary. For homes, usually less cooling will be required, so fans with plastic blades are usually adequate. These are compact in size and are affordably priced but may not be very durable. Additionally, a fan with plastic components is waterproof and will not get rusted.

For cooling larger spaces, it is better to install fans with metal blades as they have a higher cooling capacity and are sturdier. However, these fans are usually more expensive, and the components may get rusted as well. Once you have selected a wall fan of your choice, you may want to follow a DIY guide to wall fan installation and maintenance. However, if you are not confident of installing it by yourself, it is advisable to leave the task to a professional who will ensure that the installation is done properly and safely.


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If a wall fan is not installed properly, the performance and lifespan of the fan may get adversely affected. Hence, it is advisable to hire professional wall mount fan services from a company such as Ceiling Fan City Singapore. Their team of skilled electricians have the right set of tools to ensure that your wall fan is installed to the highest standards. Due to their experience in installing a large number of fans of all brands, you can be assured of their high-quality wall fan installation services.



Some of the tips for selecting the best wall mounted fan for your home include – selecting one with the best branding and design, examining build quality, making sure it is noise free, as well as considering high speed, blade size, number of blades and aerodynamics. Keeping these tips in mind will help you in selecting the best wall fan for your home. Additionally, it is also important to get a professional to install your wall fan so that it functions well, and you do not face any issues arising from improper installation in the future.


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