8 Benefits of Choosing A Wall Mounted Fan For Your Home

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As Singapore has a tropical climate, especially in summer, with high heat and humidity, owners must install one or more cooling devices in their properties to regulate the temperature. Air conditioners, air coolers, ceiling fans, and wall fans are some of the options you can use to cool your home. Therefore, many people are interested in installing a wall fan because it is affordable. Therefore, they wanted to understand the benefits of installing a wall fan in Singapore, which is better than other cooling devices available.


Suitable For Homes Without Ceiling Space


In some homes, ceiling space is used for decoration or storage, so it cannot be used to install a fan. In this case, when deciding between ceiling fans or wall fans, a wall mounted fan is the best option for cooling since it can be installed on any of the walls of the room. There are also rooms with very low ceilings, and installing ceiling fans is dangerous because the blades can hit people and cause injury. In this case, a wall fan is recommended. 


Very Affordable 

Another reason why wall fans are popular in Singapore is because it is very affordable compared to almost all other cooling devices. Air-conditioners are the most expensive cooling appliances, air coolers are also costly, and while ceiling fans are reasonably priced, their cost is almost twice the price of a wall fan. In addition, the installation cost of wall fans is much lower than that of ceiling fans. 


Easy To Install 

Though the mounting system for the wall fan will vary depending on the model, it is easier to install the fan compared to most other appliances. Therefore, if you want to follow DIY guides to wall fan installation and maintenance, you may proceed to do so. Some fans are designed with mounting plates that must be attached to the wall, while others must be attached to mounting hooks. Electrical connections are also simpler, as the fan has a power cord with a plug that can be easily connected to the nearest electrical outlet without additional wiring.


Requires Less Space 


Wall fans are compact and smaller than most other cooling devices, especially ceiling fans. Additionally, in many properties, the ceiling space is used for storage or other applications, and there is less floor space for keeping a standing fan. Which is why one of the main things to consider when installing a wall fan is to decide which wall to install it to. The wall space is usually more than the floor space and is often not utilized, so installing a compact wall fan makes the best use of space available. 


Light In Weight


Many of the wall fans have plastic fan blades and plastic enclosures so they are light in weight. Other wall fans are usually compact, so their weight is less. It is easy to handle the wall fan for installation and change the place where the fan is installed if you wish to. 


Saves Power 

Checking its power consumption is another tip for selecting the best wall mounted fan for your home. The power consumption depends on the motor rating, fan speed, and fan blades. Since the fan blades of a wall fan are smaller in size and lighter, compared to a ceiling fan, the motor rating of the wall fan is lower. Hence, though they may provide similar cooling, the electricity consumption of a wall fan is usually far less than a ceiling fan.


Keeps The Floor Free From Obstructions

Floor space in your home is limited, and if you place a standing fan, it will add to the clutter. Additionally, children and babies may tamper with the fan and get injured. Three of the things you need to know about wall fans are that it helps reduce the clutter on the floor, increase the free space, and prevent accidental injuries to children and family members.


Provides Focused Circulation 

Wall fans have a provision for allowing the user to fix the direction of the airflow, only a specific area will be cooled. This is convenient if people are sitting only in one part of the room. In contrast, a ceiling fan will cool all parts of the room evenly. 


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Choosing a wall mounted fan for your home is truly beneficial for a number of reasons. For homes with a low ceiling and small floor space, a wall fan is preferable to help cool the area. It has lesser energy consumption compared to other cooling appliances like an air conditioner. A wall fan is also very affordable, lightweight, and easy to install but to avoid any unnecessary problems, it is best to contact an expert in installing fans such as this, like Ceiling Fan City Singapore. Our staff is all well trained and knowledgeable in installing fans for your home to ensure the safety of your family. Plus, they can also talk about the features to have in a wall mounted fan to help you choose the best one for your home.


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